Share My Creation Photo-realistic Virtual Reality Experience

Hello dears! I always wanted to share what I and my team developed for the past few months.

Few years back I have shared a B4A app that enable users to experience ancient castle which is located in Northern side of Ethiopia called 'Fasil Ghebii'. (Link Below)

Now, Look what we're up to in recreating one of the palace and putting all the hard work inside Unreal Game Engine for immersive experience. We're building several B4X apps for different platforms (Smartphone Apps and Custom Game Console) along with Unreal Engine and other supportive technologies.

Thanks to all #B4X contributors as this is your kind support enabling us to achieve more.
Any inquires and/or financial support => reach me out with

Short Documentary about 'Bakaffa's Palace' VR
Also we're testing few Mixed reality (MR) Videos via virtual production (VP) for story telling B4A app that we're about to release soon.