Share My Creation Gebeya Academy Virtual Reality App, Ethiopia

Gebeya VR is an app featuring seven different hotspots of the training center. This wide virtual environment brings a realistic scenario to users by making them feel as if they are standing physically on the grounds of the academy. The app showcases the academy’s space and service by providing an option for users to look at classrooms, indoor and outdoor reception area, balcony, co-working area and conference rooms.

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Gebeya is a self-sustainable ecosystem that combines an original practical training model that shapes the next generation of talented African software developers for global job opportunities and entrepreneurship to build innovative startups in Africa. In other words, we are building A-self-sustained ecosystem that trains, hires and incubates the best of African talent. The Gebeya ecosystem is composed of three tightly coupled pillars: A practical project based training model, an online marketplace for on demand IT talent and an incubation/acceleration that nurtures, scales and exits African startups.

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