Android Question Picture with frontal camera in android 8


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The application take one picture with the back camera save , switch to frontal camera and take another picture and save the picture and exit.

This is for security application

I tested the application in android 7.1.1 and works.
When I try with android 8 it takes the first picture save is ready for the second and freeze.

I wait for more then 5 minute and if you don´t press home button the screen is freezed.

This is a transparent activity so you see the icons but you can not access them

    Wait For Camera1_PictureTaken (Data() As Byte)

If someone could help


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I had the Sleep(800) just in camera1_ready but just before the first shoot.
Now I call Sleep(800) before shoot the second and works.

Do you believe that is better the sleep command before initialize the camera or before the shooting inside camera1_ready ?

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