Have just finished making a Color Picker app for Windows & Mac (B4J v8.90 & jdk-11.0.1).
Thought someone might find this useful (specially newbies).

Screenshot (48).png
Screenshot (49).png

(Just my way of saying thanks for giving us such a beautiful software development platform - B4X)

Examples to learn:
  1. Color value conversions and display (Color to ARGB, Color to HEX, RGB to CMYK, RGB to HSB).
  2. Capture and display of mouse coordinates.
  3. Capture of a rectangular area of screen around the cursor (as byte array) and displaying as image in form.
  4. Usage of the built-in Color Picker in B4J.
  5. Setting Form to always be on top.
Uses the following libraries:
  • ByteConverter
  • CSSUtils
  • JavaObject
  • jAWTRobot
  • XUI Views
Made use of code submitted by B4X forum members.
Have compiled on Windows 10 and Mac (High Sierra & Catalina).

The Project file is attached to this post.
Please feel free to download and use.

If you do make any modifications to this app, would be obliged if you can send me a copy of the same.
Or if any bugs are found, please help me squash them or post back. :)

Cheers. :cool:


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