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Hi All

I have a project that runs on one pc and compiles ok and also runs properly on the Tablet once downloaded..

When I move the project to a new pc it compiles without any problems but when I download it to the tablet I get this error attached..

Don't know what is causing the problem. Maybe someone already have a solution..

I'm using the latest version of B4X on both pc's
Using the same Java on both pc's
Using the same Additional Lib path on both pc's

Every thing to run B4X is exactly the same on both pc's

Manifest is also the same..

I have no idea what the problem is..

Any help would be appreciated



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It seems something wrong inside the layout file “Overlay1”.
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In addition to the list there, I would recommend in the future you make the title about the actual topic, not just a generic cry for help.
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