Android Code Snippet Point user to a list of all your app on Google Play

SubName: <noname>

Description: This is a small code snippet you can use to Point a user of your app to a list of all your apps on Google Play.

In this example i used "com.MOBZAPP" as searchquery. Assuming your app all have the same package-prefix then you can use this prefix to search for your apps.

Example: If your packagenames are,, [...]
then you can use as the searchquery

Dim fURI As String
  fURI = "market://search?q=com.MOBZAPP"
  Dim Market As Intent
    StartActivity (Market)

Dependencies: none

Tags: myapps, playstore,allapps


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You can also use market://search?q=pub:<publisher_name> which will make sure only the apps uploaded by the same publisher will be displayed.

For example, market://search?q=pub:Google Inc. will display apps uploaded by Google only.