iOS Question Problem accessing Photo Library on iPad


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I use B4i and I have already been able to have a version of my application accepted in the Apple Store.
Problem when submitting my latest build, the apple service answers me:
We discovered one or more bugs in your app. Specifically, when we tapped on “Choisir (Mes photos)”, then on “OK”, the Photo Library was not accessed and no further action took place. Please review the details below and complete the next steps.
Review device details:
- Device type: iPad
- OS version: iOS 16.5

During my tests (on iphone only) I had no problem accessing the photo library! I don't have an iPad to test though.
In my function on my button click i use :
(after a simple message concerning data security where the user must tap ok)
cam.SelectFromSavedPhotos(Sender, cam.TYPE_IMAGE)

How to make it work on their ipad ?
Thanks in advance


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Thank you for that answer

The sender is of the “Button” type.
Private btnChoisirPhoto As Button
I never used BarButton and I haven't looked yet...
Biu Hurry if i modify like this :
Private btnChoisirPhoto As BarButton
i get an error : Expected: UIBarButtonItem, object type: UIButton
Can you tell me how to declare the button in the designer?
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