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I have a app that I am using two B4XTables that I changed over to editing using InlineEditing(inlineediting.bas) which I like really well as it reduced a lot of my trashy code that I was using. I have however found a problem that I have not been able to figure out. When editing strings(text) and numbers keys like Del, backspace, arrows, tab, escape, home,& end have no effect on the cell at all. If I double-click(or whatever to select content) on a cell I can replace it with a space but cannot edit otherwise. As far as I can tell all of the alphanumeric keys work but not the special keys. I have reloaded the class code and reviewed the code needed in the main program and have not found any solution. Any thoughts on what I should look for?


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I've just downloaded the demo to test and the keys work as expected. The arrow keys, End and home work. The tab key will always jump out of the control to the next focusable view and the escape key usually has no effect. It is possible to override the tab behaviour and add an escape key function with a key listener if needed.

If you have inserted the code into an existing project I suggest that you create a small test app that simulates what you are doing. If that exhibits the same behaviour you have something to post that we can take a look at. If it works OK, check for any other modifications you have made to the B4xTableView.
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