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    This example depends on B4XTable v1.02+ and B4XCollections.


    It is quite simple to implement custom selection logic.

    Step #1: The Selection Color property in the designer should be set to transparent. This will disable the default cell click animation.

    Step #2: We maintain a B4XSet with the selected rows ids. This set is updated in the CellClicked event:
    Sub B4XTable1_CellClicked (ColumnId As String, RowId As Long)
    Dim Selected As Boolean
    If SelectedRows.Contains(RowId) Then
           Selected = 
           Selected = 
    End If
    Dim Index As Int = B4XTable1.VisibleRowIds.IndexOf(RowId) 'Find the index of the visible row
       SetRowColor(Index, Selected) 'Set its color
    End Sub
    Step #3: Whenever the data is updated, we need to go over the visible rows and update their visual state:
    Sub B4XTable1_DataUpdated
    For i = 0 To B4XTable1.VisibleRowIds.Size - 1
    Dim RowId As Long = B4XTable1.VisibleRowIds.Get(i)
           SetRowColor(i, SelectedRows.Contains(RowId))
    End Sub
    A B4J example is attached.

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