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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by erosmax, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. erosmax

    erosmax Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I've two problem.

    If run my game, the varible and data have old value...but if I set the Break-Point into set this value, it's work perfectly. :eek:
    I've insert a DoEvents command and create a sub timer pause... but nothing. The value not change, but eith BreakPoint, change. :(
    Tests are made with Genymotion Android emulator for Pc (I7).
    Exist a command when attend the value it's empty or changed, firt to continue?
    This imy code:

    Dim strPlay As String
    'if I set a  break-point  strPlay Change ...else NOT Change.
    Log("Record:" & str)
    Dim arrayapp(4As String
    If I set thebreak point... the strPlay have a true value str value. Log RECORD print a true value
    If not set a break point... the Log RECORD print a true value but the Log NEW ARRAY, have a OLD value (view down) :eek::eek:

    For i=0 To List1.Size-1
    'If  it's the selected player,  rewrite else not change
             If i<>Main.fndPlayer Then
                arrayapp(i)= str 
    'str is the Derypted Value
                Log("ARRAY:" & arrayapp(i))
    'Write new value
    Log ("New Array:" & arrayapp(i)) 'If no set a Break Point  strPlay have a OLD VALUE!!!
    End If

    Another problem is the activity into Task Manager.
    When the Player set a Record, I start an activity for publisher the score and immage into Facebook... when the player go to back, and I close Activity with Activity.finish, it's set open into task manager.
    I've set to Manifest.XML a:


    But not work when the App it's alredy lauched.

    Ecist a mede to destroy Activity from Rasm Manager?

    Thanks for your supports.
  2. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Problem one: I think it is elsewhere, where you set the value of str (very bad name ;)).

    Problem two: you have forgotten to point out that you use an Intent to launch another app; I think you can not have control of this second app.
  3. erosmax

    erosmax Well-Known Member Licensed User

    No. because if I set the breack point, the vaue of strPlay it's empty and when I press F8 it's egual at str value. But, if i dont set a BreakPoint...this value is the OLD value (in first start it's empty)! :O
    The Sub not recall.

    For example in this Idiot SUb: :p
    Sub Test_click
    "Test me Key"
    end Sub
    if value of MAin.str is "Good Work" to start main.. in this case the value not change, because first Main.str have a "Test me Key" value but, wehen start Activity it's not block... continue to end sub and into Activity Call3Test the value is Main.str=strAppo :O :O :O
    It's simple code it a example to see when the programm not stop to startactivity and return it when exit...but continue to end sub and change allvalue and pass to's not good. :eek:

    Ok, the activity create event with intent...but when I close it to destroy anyway. The Activity of my game, when I exit (if call Ativity.finish or ExitActivity), stay alone into a Task Bar menu. :(
    I want terminate for ALL and destroy event from Task menu...I want be a Task killer command.[/code]
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2015
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