Android Question Problems in inputting text for SwiftButton during design time .. using b4a 12 (64-bit) ...


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Just noted a peculiar behaviour in the B4A Ide (B4A Version: 12 64-bit).

I have the following libraries loaded in my App.
B4XPages, Core, XCustomListView, XUI, XUI Views.

I placed a SwiftButton in my layout and I could not edit any text in that button.

Then I dropped the SwiftButton and recreated one again.

This time, however, I am able to input text in it.

However, the inputted text is not reflected in the IDE.. (it still shows 'Swiftbutton1' in the b4a Designer)... Please see attached screenshot.

Also , I find that after another subsequent invokation of the IDE, The inputted text is there but it is in DISABLED state - meaning I cannot make changes in the
inputted text..

I also experienced some other peculiar behavior in the IDE earlier .. Please refer #6, #7 ,#8 of my earlier post

Requesting for help.



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