iOS Question Publishing App to itunes using iTunes Connect Loader (No suitable application records were found)


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Hi All, I am following the tutorials about publishing to iTunes (uploading IPA File)
I got this message

Error: 2021-02-04 03:18:20.209 altool[28951:108389656]
*** Error: Error uploading 'AupsaGo.ipa'.
2021-02-04 03:18:20.239 altool[28951:108389656]
*** Error: code 1190 (App Store operation failed.
No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier ‘app.aupsa.go’ is correct.)

So I started to check from app to app key in apple site

The App (app.aupsa.go)


Certificates and provisions

Apple Identifiers

App Key

I followed every step indicated, however I still getting, the same error as above, the only thing i can see is I am using a wild card identifier app.*

Thanks in Advance for Any Suggestion and Help

Best Regards



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Identifiers - must be created with explicit bundle name such as com.companyname.appname but not as wild card as on your screen shot.

Profile - we don't see any profile info - there are 2 types of profiles - for development and for store - for development wild card identifier is Ok but not for store.

Profile type for development - based on wild card identifier - Ad Hoc
Profile for store - based on explicit identifier - App Store.

So your problem that you need to create explicit identifier and App Store profile.
Once done with it - create a record in App Store Connect for your app and specify explicit bundle id.
Go to your apple account and create Application password. Label name for this password must match to your app name and the app name must match to your application label in your code. Check if it match. Application password is not the same as your apple password.

Please read as a reference
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Thanks Alex for your Quick help, I got lazzy with the wild cards, I appreciate very it very Much, Best Regards Virgilio
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