iOS Question Publishing into another developer account


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I have my own developer account, from which I generated certs and mobileprovision files, which I can use to successfully build and test an app with B4i Bridge.
Now I have to publish that app to another account.
My personal account has been joined to the other organization account, I downloaded the .cer file from the other account (already made) and generated a store profile for my app
I added the following directives to address the downloaded files
#CertificateFile: ios_otherorg_distribution.cer
#ProvisionFile: app.mobileprovision
but compiling fails with
Failed to parse certificate file.Error: security: SecKeychainDelete: The specified keychain could not be found.
p12 and keystore files are still the ones from my personal account

What is the correct way to compile apps using already existing certs?


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if I understand correct

create everything key/cer/prov files using the other account..
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