Android Question Questions about Subscriptions in app


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I use the GooglePlayBilling to regular purchases (inapp) and now I want to use it to subscription.
The example of the lib is mainly to regular purchase (remove an ad).

I want to use the two types in the app.
The inapp only to remove ads and the subs to premium version.

I'm starting and have some questions:

1 - I create 2 subs: RestorePurchases and RestoreSubscriptions in Starter.
I need to initialized 2 billing objects to each type (inapp and subs)?
Because if I call the 2 subs, only the first sub (RestorePurchases) is called and I don't get the subscription information (estoreSubscriptions).

2 - If I can use one billng object, how I can handle the regular purchase and different subscriptions?

3 - If the app is not connected to internet, I still can check the subscription offline?
There is a workaround to avoid the user still using the app after cancel or pause the subscription?

Thanks in advance for any tip.