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Jim Schwartz

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I admit it, I am a "babe in the woods" as far as B4A is concerned.

As to my programming history, I have been programming in various BASIC dialects since 1982. Through the years, I achieved proficiency in Commodore BASIC v2 (Commodore 64) and v7 (Commodore 128), AmigaBASIC, AMOS, Microsoft's QBasic/QuickBASIC/Visual Basic and, since 1998, REALBasic (now called "XOJO"). I have had several articles published in COMPUTE!s Gazette magazine and in one of their books.

I need to create fairly simple apps* for Android (and, maybe, iOS). I'm too old to learn a new programming language (C, C++, Java, etc.). I just want to capitalize my almost 40 years experience with BASIC dialects.

I have downloaded and installed the demo version. Before I purchase the full version, I would like to know:

Is B4A the way to go? Is there any caveats or "gotchas" that I need to know about? I just want to build apps for the Google Play Store.

Any advice, insights, suggestions, hints, tips, or other words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!

*just standard BASIC code with http (not https) hooks to my database, or direct MySQL access to my database.

Many, many thanks for your advice and recommendations.


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Welcome aboard... B4 is the right direction, there are no contraindications, you can build complex applications in a fast and easy way. You can count on the help and support of this forum... If you know the basics of the basic language, you will quickly start to create applications... After getting used to B4A, the time will come for B4i, B4J. This is the only such platform in the world, where 80% of the code can be translated directly from Android to Windows and IOs.
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Hi Jim,

Before you start, I will request you to download Documentation Booklets by klaus and study it.

This will give you the very insight of the power and simplicity of B4A.

Along with the video tutorials by Erel and gold mine of message in this Forum, you will feel at home very soon.


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My personal opinion: Just try out B4J to start with to get the hang of the B4X language and the way the IDE works. Since you have lots of experience with Basic dialects, you should feel very familiar with the syntax, etc. Then you can move on to B4A.
The only difficulty you may find, which however is not related to B4A and its language, is that you need to understand the Android framework. However, Erel, the creator of B4X, has made things very simple for us with the most required functionality built-in along with sample projects. There are lots of documentation on the forum which explains the nature of the Android framework. Most things you will learn when you need them and your knowledge will progress over time. Lots of functionality have also been added to B4A by libraries made either by Erel himself or by other B4X users.

I truly think you will find yourself at ease very quickly.
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Brian Dean

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I have been writing code for over fifty years. In my experience all languages are essentially the same - they have virtually identical "if ... then ... else" statements and other constructs. What makes the difference, especially nowadays, is the libraries and interfaces that they provide, and how easy they are to use.

I started writing Android apps in Java. There is nothing wrong with Java, but the Android environment has a lot of side-issues that need to be taken care of, such as entries in the manifest and putting additional data into resource files. I found that to be a complicated and error-prone overhead. One of the great benefits of B4A is that a huge amount of these "non-coding" chores is taken care of automatically, so that you can concentrate on the real coding job. B4A is a joy to use.

I would also strongly recommend a book : "B4A Rapid Android App Development" - ISBN 9781512296259. You can find most of its contents on the web, and much of it on the B4A website, but in my view the book provides a more comprehensive and digestible package.

Finally, as you may have realised by now, this forum is also a huge asset that few other languages have. You will always find help here from people who know what they are talking about. Have a good time.
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You already have the benefit of being used to BASIC languages over the past decades.

You'll find your way in B4X in no time.
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