Wish Re-Deploy Option (Second-Device, Without Re-Build)


Licensed User
I have a project that I test across several devices frequently during development.

I find it consuming extra time to build the same APK twice to deploy to a second device right away. I can sort of automate this a little bit using a batch script and call to adb to copy the built apk to the second device. This is a little tedeous though as I have to hard-code the device id into the batch script and use several batch scripts, one for each device.

A small option in the Debug menu strip (and optionally a button on the tool strip bar) to "Re-Deploy" to another device would make things so much easier. And using the same device choosing dialog during normal builds, can then choose to which device.

Or maybe a drop down like the build modes on the tool strip bar to select a device and a button next to it and send it.

The first option I see being the simplest route to add this feature as its simply fetching the device list and calling the adb command to install the apk.