Android Example Read And Write NFC Tags !

(NFCRW has been Updated !)
In this project You can scan and write your Ndef or NFC tags Very simply,
(This project is for B4XPages)

The Principal codes :
B4A - Read:
    Dim si As Intent = B4XPages.GetNativeParent(Me).GetStartingIntent
    If si.IsInitialized = False Or si = prevIntent Then Return
    prevIntent = si
    If si.Action.EndsWith("TECH_DISCOVERED") Or si.Action.EndsWith("NDEF_DISCOVERED") Or si.Action.EndsWith("TAG_DISCOVERED") Then
        Dim techs As List = nfc.GetTechList(si)
        Log($"Techs: ${techs}"$)
        'in this case we are only accessing Ndef tags.
        If techs.IndexOf("") > -1 Then
            TagTech.Initialize("TagTech", "" , si)
            'Connect to the tag
            toast.Show("Tag does not support Ndef.")
        End If
    End If
B4A - Write:
Private Sub TagTech_Connected (Success As Boolean)
    Log($"Connected: ${Success}"$)
    If Success = False Then
        toast.Show("Error connecting to tag")
        WriteNdef(Array(nfc.CreateMimeRecord("text/plain", Ignore.Text.GetBytes("UTF8")), _
                      nfc.CreateMimeRecord("text/plain", Record.Text.GetBytes("UTF8"))))
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub WriteNdef (Records() As Object)
    Dim RecordsJO As JavaObject
    RecordsJO.InitializeArray("android.nfc.NdefRecord", Records)
    Dim message As JavaObject
    message.InitializeNewInstance("android.nfc.NdefMessage", Array(RecordsJO))
    TagTech.RunAsync("WriteNdef", "writeNdefMessage", Array(message), 0)
    Label1.Text = "Tag Writed With Text : " & Record.Text
    Label1.Text = "Awaiting for a Ndef tag scanned"
End Sub

The phone needs NFC Reading possibility.

Enjoy it.


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