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I have a system that sends data from a micro( various, so not B4R compatible) down serial in response to a request from the PC, all in plain ASCII.
Example Request = ? ( No CRLF needed)
Response is in form of a number of channels (Label)(ASCII Value+ or-)( : delimiter) again no CRLF needed
eg send ? response A-123;B65;C123245678; etc
This all seemed to work fine when I did it via keyboard, after I modified to send CRLF by using Chat example and doing a select case looking for specific labels as in

Sub AStream_NewData (Buffer() As Byte)

    Dim s As String = BytesToString(Buffer, 0, Buffer.Length, "UTF8")
    Dim i As Int = 0
    Dim length As Int
    length = s.Length
    Dim temp As String
        Select s.CharAt(i)
            Case "X"
                Do While (s.CharAt(i+1)<>";")
                    temp = temp & s.CharAt(i)
          'add extra cases
        End Select
    'LogMessage("You",  temp)
End Sub

So I then set up a timer to issue a '? CRLF' every 200mS, and it crashes after 6-12 readings with an out of range error in i in temp =temp bit. ( Im running at 115200 baud so should be able to cope with 20 characters in this time)
When run the log shows a length of 20 ( correct ) most of time, but sometimes reports 2 numbers that add up to 20 eg, 13 then 7. I don't understand how the buffer is being filled. I sorta assumed that it wait till it got a CFLF so length should always be same.
I cant see a way of controlling the reading of the bytes, or putting in to a smart string to extract each channel data, though Im sure its dead easy when you know what you are doing. Any suggestions please.


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Anyway taking out the echo fixes issue. Dont understand why the analyser didnt pick it up. Glad I only used trial version.
It was fun while it lasted, I quite enjoy chasing down problems like this. šŸ» I could feel your frustration with it, though. Fog of war and all that too.
I did learn some neat stuff about Regex in the process.
Yeah, when they fit the task, they are like magic. Cryptic magic, admittedly. šŸ™ƒ
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