Android Example RegEx.Matcher2 and getting first and last words of String

This example not only retrieves the first and last word of a String, but also sets a Label with the first letters of both the first and last words.
I use it to populate a CustomListView with Account Names and the Ltr1 & Ltr2 in a Label that is positioned to the left of the Account Name.
This is kind of like a reproduction of Outlook for Android.

I got the RegEx expressions from HERE.
Use B4A's Regex PAGE to not only see how your expressions work, but it also produces the B4X code to use to put in your app.

Hope it helps someone.

Sub Set_Words(name as String)
    If txt <> "" Then
        Dim firstWordPattern As String = "(?:^|(?:\.\s))(\w+)"    '1st word expression'
        Dim lastWordPattern As String = "\s(\w+)$"                'last word expression
        Dim Word1 As String = ""
        Dim Word2 As String = ""
        Dim Ltr1 As String = ""
        Dim Ltr2 As String = ""
        'first Word
        Dim m1 As Matcher = Regex.Matcher2(firstWordPattern,Regex.CASE_INSENSITIVE,name)
        Do While m1.Find
            Word1 = m1.Match.Trim
            Ltr1 = Word1.ToUpperCase.CharAt(0)
        'last Word
        Dim m2 As Matcher = Regex.Matcher2(lastWordPattern,Regex.CASE_INSENSITIVE,name)
        Do While m2.Find
            Word2 = m2.Match.Trim
            Ltr2 = Word2.ToUpperCase.CharAt(0)
        lblFirstWord.Text = Word1
        lblLastWord.Text = Word2
        lblLetters.Text = Ltr1 & Ltr2
    End If
End Sub

Mark Stuart
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