Bug? regex single char split


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I don't know if this is a bug in a library or default behaviour in Java
but this seems suspicious and it's not the output I got in several other languages.

Log ( hours )
Log ("!" & DateTime.GetHour(DateTime.Now) &"!")
Log ( "0:" & Regex.Split("",DateTime.GetHour(DateTime.Now))(0) )
Log ( "1:" & Regex.Split("",DateTime.GetHour(DateTime.Now))(1) )
Log ( "2:" & Regex.Split("",DateTime.GetHour(DateTime.Now))(2) )
Log ( "C:" & Regex.Split("",DateTime.GetHour(DateTime.Now)).Length)

the output is:

0: <- should be 1
1:1 <- should be 9
2:9 <- should not exist
C:3 <- should be 2

the value in the array at position 0 should not even exist since there is no leading space (the !19! proves this)


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that will make an array of each individual charater, so it's easy to find/fetch the right char.

I know you can do the same with substr but I use(d) split/explode a lot so it's kind of a habbit to stick to it :)

I'll keep in mind that the empty split starts at 1 instead of the traditional 0 in the array
(works fine (pos 0 in the array) with the none empty split, just tested this)


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that's my point, why use a loop when 1 command does the same?

(Ok internally it probably uses the same trick anyway)