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Hi all,
I have changed the private key of the project, and now when I try to compile debug or release is the same thingh, I recevive a BUID ERROR like this below

B4i Versione: 7.80
Analisi del Codice.    (0.08s)
Building folders structure.    (0.03s)
Esecuzione azione personalizzata.    (0.09s)
Compilazione del codice.    (0.07s)
Compilazione del codice di layouts    (0.01s)
Compilazione Progetto Xcode.    (0.30s)
Preparazione del progetto per la sua costruzione.    (0.84s)
    Dimensioni del progetto: 1.35 MB
Invio dati a compilatore remoto.    Error
Out: Command line invocation:
    /Applications/ -configuration Release PRODUCT_NAME=iOtto CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload "CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY=iPhone Distribution: Marco Montanelli (C248CG789D)" "OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS=--keychain <user id>" PROVISIONING_PROFILE=d76e9577-c1b7-4b7c-99ff-976c67ad4641 -arch armv7 -arch arm64

User defaults from command line:
    IDEPackageSupportUseBuiltinSCM = YES

Build settings from command line:
    ARCHS = armv7 arm64
    CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone Distribution: Marco Montanelli (C248CG789D)
    CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR = /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload
    OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS = --keychain <user id>
    PRODUCT_NAME = iOtto
    PROVISIONING_PROFILE = d76e9577-c1b7-4b7c-99ff-976c67ad4641

note: Using new build system
note: Using codesigning identity override: iPhone Distribution: Marco Montanelli (C248CG789D)
note: Planning
Analyze workspace

Create build description
Build description signature: a5f5e106ce347595dfacefbfed051965
Build description path: /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/build/XCBuildData/a5f5e106ce347595dfacefbfed051965-desc.xcbuild

note: Build preparation complete
warning: Building targets in manual order is deprecated - check "Parallelize build for command-line builds" in the project editor, or set DISABLE_MANUAL_TARGET_ORDER_BUILD_WARNING in any of the targets in the current build to suppress this warning
error: Missing private key for signing certificate. Failed to locate the private key matching certificate "iPhone Distribution: Marco Montanelli (C248CG789D)" in the keychain. To sign with this signing certificate, install its private key in your keychain. If you don't have the private key, select a different signing certificate for CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY in the build settings editor. (in target 'B4iProject' from project 'B4iProject')

Error: ** BUILD FAILED **
I have cleaned the project, but is the same. How I can repair this error ?
And for the warning where I can find the project editor ?

Many thanks


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Many Thx Erel,
I have created a new certificate and all work fine.
Now I have generate the and try to upload with the server option ItunesConnect in the IDE. But I have this new error
Error Itunes Connect:
Caricamento file ipa.
Invio dell'app ( questo passaggio può richiedere diversi minuti )
Error: *** Error: Error uploading 'iOtto.ipa'.
*** Error: No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier ‘aki.iOtto’ is correct. App Store operation failed. (-19000)
    NSLocalizedDescription = "No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier \U2018aki.iOtto\U2019 is correct.";
    NSLocalizedFailureReason = "App Store operation failed.";
    NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion = "No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier \U2018aki.iOtto\U2019 is correct.";
I have created an app specific password for the iOtto app.
In the password request from the ItunesConnect Loader I must insert the appspecific password or my apple ID password ?
All two gave error !
How I link the app specific password with the app, only by the name or this password is that I must insert in the private sign key?
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