1. Edward Ocando

    Spanish Simulador para IOS

    Saludos, para B4A uso NOX para emular el celular android y funciona excelente. Pero quiero probar las aplicaciones de B4i y no se que emulador usar. Cual me recomiendan de preferencia gratuito? Gracias
  2. M

    iOS Question How do i become licensed user

    Hi, I was developing with b4a for some time now. Now i purchased b4i. How do i become licensed user, so that i can download examples... Really tried to find information about this in the forum🙈 Thanks a lot.
  3. A

    iOS Question Hosted Builder account will expire in few days

    Since today 12/10/2020 I started to see a pop up in my B4i - Hosted Builder account will expire in few days. What does it mean and what to do?
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Porting apps over to IOS.

    Greetings, We were asked if one of our apps can be ported over to IOS, so I told the customer I will ask on the forum. Please let us know if B4i uses the same coding. If there are any differences, what are they? This is the app so you know what we may try to port over to IOS.
  5. A

    iOS Question #BridgeLogger in B4I

    Hi all. In B4A we can user #BridgeLogger: True for logging in Release mode. But what to use in B4I? I read this thread iReleaseLogger but in Notes I found this Do not try to upload your app with iReleaseLogger library included to the App Store. It will be rejected. Does it mean that I need to...
  6. Carlos marin

    iOS Question [RESOLVED] Error compiling my application in debug and release mode

    Hi, Since yesterday I had been working well in the morning, in the afternoon it was no longer possible for me to compile my application, I thought it could be something from the MAC hosted but I don't see that someone else has this problem, I appreciate if someone knows that be, check all my...
  7. Pablo Torres

    iOS Question unsecured calls to specific domains and non-secure pages in WebView at the same time

    Hi Everyone, I know how to make unsecured calls to specific domains using #PlistExtra: <key>NSAppTransportSecurity</key><dict><key>NSAllowsArbitraryLoads</key><false/> #PlistExtra: <key>NSExceptionDomains</key><dict> 'list the excluded domains (example.com and b4x.com) #PlistExtra...
  8. M

    iOS Question Get an UIview height (or convert from Objective C)

    Hi, i made a post before about the centering of a switch. i noticed that the switch is positioned in the top left corner of his hitbox. I need to center it. So the only way, i think, is to make the hitbox height (and width) equal to the effective height (and width) of the ios switch. There is...
  9. D

    iOS Question Show settings->location programmatically

    Hi Guys Can someone advise how I can show the locations settings so they can be changed by the user at run time. I have tried https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/open-default-settings-app.51115/#content from 2015 which is If App.OSVersion >= 8 Then...
  10. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question Does updating metadata on AppStore really require a new app version?

    I was about to upload a better screenshot for the iPad version of my app. But it was not possible and most of editable fields were disabled. Can somebody confirm that I actually have to create a whole new binary just for the purpose of uploading a screenshot??? [ If true, this is really weird ]
  11. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question App Store asks for Export Compliance Information

    When submitting my app, App Store asks for Export Compliance Information. The question is asked here but little information is given. Apple's info page says: Use of encryption includes, but is not limited to: Making calls over secure channels (i.e. HTTPS, SSL, and so on). So I guess the answer...
  12. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Push notifications for the App Store version

    I am about to create the first App Store release of my app. The app uses FirebaseNotifications. For this I have created a new explicit app identifier and a new production certificate and a new provision file as advised. But I am in doubt of the meaning of: What are these tokens? When sending...
  13. B

    Android Question Need avdice to develope for Android and iOS

    Hello everyone, A customer ask me to develope an app that allowd the user to comunicate with a server online. Nothing so special, just read n write some record in a few table. The problem it's the app need to run on android and ios, so i dont't know if it's easy to develope with B4X libraries in...
  14. nwhitfield

    iOS Question RSA support in B4i

    Having just implemented some stuff using RSA encryption and signing in my back end API, and in a B4A app that uses it, I'm hoping to add similar to the iOS app. However, on looking, it seems that RSA support on B4i is rather more limited. The main support seems to be the iRSA library, but that...
  15. Sasuke Sama

    iOS Question CustomListview 2 or 3 Col

    hello i want help i need to make a CustomListView with multi coulmuns : if not ipad show 2 col else if ipad show 4 col i am reading this post ( https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...-imageviews-and-many-rows.101431/#post-636920 ) but this post not helping me i dont know how to make...
  16. M

    iOS Question B4XLoadingIndicator

    How can I use the B4XloadingIndicator feature in B4I? in b4a there is the activity.GetAllViewsRecursive resource but in B4I there is no option for activitys For Each v As View In Activity.GetAllViewsRecursive If v.Tag Is B4XLoadingIndicator And v.Visible = True Then Dim...
  17. janderkan

    iOS Question How to use SetOptions in B4XPreferenceDialog.AddTimeItem

    Hi Using the formsbuilder I can change the time format to 24 hour. But I am not lucky to do it from code prefDialog.AddTimeItem("pref_time_start","Start time")) prefDialog.SetOptions("pref_time_start",Array As Object("24"))
  18. Muhamad Kamal

    Share My Creation PHP code to send Firebase Notification to both Android mobile app and iOS mobile app

    Hi there! I'm sharing one of my work here so that some of you might refer it. This code is the PHP part from the whole project that I was working on. My project is based on the automated Forex signals that will be sent to Android and iOS mobile app from an indicator built on MT4 MetaQuote...
  19. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question App icon blue when task switching

    I let B4i create the icons as detailed here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/icons-and-launch-images.84591/ The app icon on the home screen is fine, but when I task switch (double click on home button) I just get the blue standard icon. I tried installing the Coordinates example as...
  20. T

    iOS Question WKWebView - PageFinished

    PageFinished is not firing, but the webview is working properly. I have this code: Private Sub Application_Start (Nav As NavigationController) NavControl = Nav Page1.Initialize("Page1") Page1.Title = "Page 1" Dim no As NativeObject = App...