1. AneeshJay

    iOS Question Allow file access for webview in iOS [Solved]

    Hi guys, In B4A ,I enable local storage in webview using the following, Dim jwb As JavaObject = wb Dim jset As JavaObject = jwb.RunMethod("getSettings", Null) Dim r As Reflector r.Target = jset ' Enable local storage r.RunMethod2("setDomStorageEnabled", True...
  2. ermales

    iOS Question B4X FirebaseNotifications / Push Messages error (Missing Push Notification Entitlement)

    Help me I am updating my app, in the new update it incorporates firebase notification and I follow the tutorials that I found in the forum but I can't get my app approved tutorials that I followed FirebaseNotifications / Push Messages (server not required) apple sent me this
  3. M

    iOS Question Application compiled with non-store provision profile.

    I'm compiling in release mode with the production provision using parallels desktop on the macbook and even then it only compiles in the non-store, I've tried every way to compile, even using the hosted builder, is there any solution for this?
  4. G

    iOS Question How to disable screen timeout

    Hi everyone, Can you please help me with disabling screen timeout in b4i? Thanks alot.
  5. A

    iOS Question Error during execution

    Hi, I recently bought B4i and I'm trying to use it on a windows 10, interfaced to a MacBook Pro with OS Catalina. I created a project and put only one label, which I try to set to 'B4XPage_Created' On Run I get this error B4i Versione: 8.30 Analisi del Codice. (0.01s) Building folders...
  6. F

    iOS Question B4i - Certificates and Hosted Mac Builder concerns

    As mentioned before we are new to this and we will appreciate as much help and guidance as you can give us... We also have some concerns about the certificates we need a developer and also a distributor certificate is that correct? Once we get them and install them as the current user what are...
  7. David Hawkins

    Android Question Scheduler

    Hi all first thank you the feed back on my health all is now begining to get much better. I am now looking to create a very simple scheduler type system for viewing only, in order to do so I need to create something like below, this is just a spreadsheet but hopefully you get the idea. The...
  8. sadeghkiyani

    iOS Question iPhone emulator for debugging

    Hello to all friends I want to start b4i, but I don't have a Mac laptop, I don't have an iPhone, I had a few questions: 1- Can I use Mac Builder because I don't have a Mac? 2- Can I use the simulator?! What simulation can be used?! I've been looking for a solution for a few days now, but I...
  9. David Hawkins

    iOS Question B4i Bridge

    Hi I am trying to build my 2nd IOS app having succeeded with the first, with assistance from the community for which I am grateful. I am now looking create a new app, I followed the procedure carefully, I have one instance of B4i running, I created a new provisioning profile, I created a new...
  10. A

    iOS Question what happened to google maps?

    Recently, the google maps library stopped being compatible, or something happened, since it doesn't show the map, it only looks gray, one day the application worked, the next it didn't.
  11. David Hawkins

    iOS Question JSON Parser

    Hi I am currently modifying an Android App to work on IOS and I am retrieving data from a database and parsing it using the following code Dim parser As JSONParser Dim response As String = job.GetString Log(response)...
  12. David Hawkins

    iOS Question Trying to learn B4I

    I followed Erels video although Apple have updated their process from what was shown, anyway I managed to create a signing request, ios certificate and download a mobile provision file and when trying compile the app I get the following B4i Version: 8.30 Parsing code. (0.14s) Building...
  13. james_sgp

    iOS Question IStore, purchases refuse by Apple

    Hi, I'm using iStore in my app for users to make membership purchases; however, the app has been rejected by apple for the following reason: "We noticed that your app includes, or accesses paid digital content, services, or functionality by means other than in-app purchase, which is not...
  14. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish #SignKeyFile and #SignKeyPassword in B4I

    Please put #SignKeyFile and #SignKeyPassword on b4i, the same way you have on android, I work as a freelancer, every time I go to work on a different project I have to keep changing the folder path for signatures and files, the same thing happens with passwords, I always have to change them. It...
  15. grant1842

    iOS Question Brx Pages Scrollview question

    Hello all . I am loading a scrollview to display 6 views (panels, etc) My problem is it scrolls to the 4th panel and not the 5th and 6th panels. I am makeing this app for b4i, and b4a. Class_Globals Private pnlscrollview As B4XView 'This event will be called once, before the page becomes...
  16. grant1842

    iOS Question Code a sub for b4i or b4a in a b4x app.

    In b4a i can do toastMessage("android.") in b4i i can use HUD toastmessage("ios") I am working on a cross platform app. So is there a way to Example If b4i then Toastmessage("b4i") else if b4a Toastmessage("b4a") Is there any documentation for this. I hope my question makes sense...
  17. james_sgp

    iOS Question Opening a Protected PDF in Webview

    Hi, I have a PDF file locally (Xui.defaultfolder), that is protected (Password)...how do I open this in a Webview automatically with the password? Thanks, James
  18. G

    iOS Question [Solved] Error on GetToken Method After New Version

    Hello, my app does not working after the last update of B4I and B4iBuildServer. It is an app, in which user subscribes to a topic (Firebase push notification), and after the subscription, I use a method named GetToken. (I found this method in another post) Private Sub GetToken As String...
  19. james_sgp

    iOS Question Safearea when using B4xpages

    Hi, I`ve create a B4X app (B4a & B4i), but I`m having a problem with a bottom ASAdvancedTabMenu menu not showing correctly on IPhone 14 (bottom is hidden), it looks fine on iPhone SE. So I`m guessing (rightly or wrongly) is related to the safearea? Can someone advise how I find the usable...
  20. Lucas Siqueira

    iOS Question Resizing a panel or a label inside a customlistview not work on b4i

    why does resizing a panel or a label inside a customlistview not work on b4i? (on android it works normally) if you try to resize outside the customlistview, it works normally #Region Shared Files #CustomBuildAction: folders ready, %WINDIR%\System32\Robocopy.exe,"..\..\Shared Files"...