1. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question How to detect camera permission authorization state?

    Hi all, I'm using the camera library to let the user take a photo from its iPhone, as you know when the user grants the permission first time everything works fine, but if he denies it, it never request permission never again, and when the 'cam.takepicture' event is fired it just show black...
  2. developer_soft

    Android Question Development of b4a and b4j

    The question that has been on my mind is whether Earl Uzil developed b4a and b4i with b4j? 😂😂 If so, what is b4j developed with?🤣 Didn't the server write the same site with b4j?😍😅 Really, why is the b4a tag not so popular in StackOver Flow and it can not be used in posts?🙂
  3. D

    iOS Question bitmap - object not initialized (B4i v7.50 and iOS 14.6)

    Hi Guys I have a problem with some old code that now throws an error when compiled using the latest version of B4i v7.50 but only on a devices running iOS14.6 - OK on a device running iOS 12.5.4. The same code is cross platform and runs OK on Android devices. B4i forms designer has a ImageView...
  4. james_sgp

    iOS Question B4i Save Imageview as Jpeg

    Hi, I`ve created a QR code in an imageview and I want to save it to 'xui.defaultfolder' so i can use it in a PDF document. My code works on B4a but its not working on B4i, any idea`s what I`m doing wrong? #if b4a qr.Initialize(view_pdf_qr.width)...
  5. mcqueccu

    iOS Question SMTP not sending email

    I am having problem sending email with SMTP. Same code and Credentials work well in B4A and B4J but B4i is giving the error below started false <B4IExceptionWrapper: Error Domain=SKPSMTPMessageError Code=-3 "Unable to connect to the server." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to connect to...
  6. D

    iOS Question Push notification stopped working

    Hi, Guys My push notifications have just suddenly stopped working, I am assuming it is due to me renewing my Certs and Provisioning profiles (I deleted the old certs and provisioning files but may have gone too far). The Apps compile with the new Cert and Provisioning files and can be uploaded...
  7. D

    iOS Question B4i Bridge - not available

    Hi , Guys Just found a problem with the B4i Bridge (it was ok a few days ago). 1. When I run it on a Phone running 14.6 - It shows the message box "B4i Bridge no Longer available" (or something like that). 2. When I run it on a phone running 12.5.4 - it simply attempts to start then immediately...
  8. Alexander Stolte

    B4i Library [B4X] [XUI] ASLabel - CrossPlatform Label

    This is a simple label view, in IOS roundings are removed when resizing or colors are not displayed properly. This can be fixed by placing a panel under the label, this view does the work for you. Just set the properties you want in the designer like in a normal label. ASLabel Author: Alexander...
  9. Alexander Stolte

    [B4I] PDF417 - need a wrapper to scan this kind of barcodes

    Hello, I'm working on a B4I Port project and an important part of it is to scan barcodes in PDF417 format. Unfortunately there is no library or wrapper for B4I that can do this yet. I have picked out 1 views/libraries, who feels able to wrap one of the 1 so we can use it in the B4I project...
  10. desarrollo arg

    iOS Question Can we make the application only available on Iphone?

    Hi, Can we make the application only available on Iphone? IPhone devices only
  11. desarrollo arg

    iOS Question b4i-bridge "We cannot install this app because its integrity could not be verified"

    hello I have a problem. I compile the application in b4i-Bridge and there is no problem. But when I install on my ipad or iphone it returns "We cannot install this app because its integrity could not be verified" and I cannot run the b4i-Bridge app. Before this did not happen.
  12. desarrollo arg

    iOS Question Sign in with Apple and Firebase

    Hello, I wanted to know if I can create a login with iOS 12 and FireBase? My application uses FireBase. It is already integrated and working with login with Facebook and Google. I followed this tutorial from Erel, but it returns an error...
  13. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question B4i Location Services

    Hello All, I'm using this sample code to implement location services in an app: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/location-gps.46148/#content I notice that, in the sample, when locManager.Initialize("LocManager") is called , Iphone automatically shows a message requesting...
  14. jlerner

    Desarrollador b4i

    Buscamos desarrollador para b4i-ios proyecto en marcha. Se incorporara al equipo lo antes posible. Con experiencia comprobable. Pago: a convenir Idioma Español Método de trabajo: a convenir
  15. desarrollo arg

    iOS Question Cancel service

    How to cancel a service? in b4a use CancelScheduledService. How is it in b4i?
  16. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question App Icon in B4i

    Hello All, sorry the stupid question, but does anybody could tell me where can I set the app Icon in B4i? I didn't find it in IDE menu like in B4A... Really thanks !!!!
  17. MList

    iOS Question Get country Code

    Sub GetLanguage As String Dim no As NativeObject Dim s As String = no.Initialize("NSLocale") _ .RunMethod("preferredLanguages", Null).RunMethod("objectAtIndex:", Array(0)).AsString If s.Length > 2 Then s = s.Substring2(0, 2) Return s End Sub Sub GetCountry As String...
  18. desarrollo arg

    Spanish Error de compilacion

    Buenas tardes. Hace varios días vengo luchando con este error. Vengo a pedir su ayuda. Estoy migrando una aplicación de Android a iOS. Necito integrar varias librerías, entre ellas: JavaObject, WebViewExtras, WebViewExtras, WebViewExtras2. Si agrego cualquiera de estas librerias me retorna...
  19. desarrollo arg

    iOS Question icloud account - b4i

    Good Morning, I am developing an app on iOS. I need the email of the iCloud account linked to the device. Can i get it? Thanks
  20. David Elkington

    iOS Question Porting B4A to B4I

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a guide of all the necessary steps and considerations to port a large app from B4A to B4A/B4i? I am on a tight schedule and would like to make sure I have considered everything before dipping into it and wasting time due to lack of planning. Many thanks David...