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Right now the B4A toolbar has a "Toggle Bookmark" button and right next to it a "Clear Bookmarks" button as shown below:

B4A-2019-08-15 00_20_19.png

Since I use bookmarks as a "todo" list of points in my app that I need to work on, a few times I lost all of my bookmarks by accidently clicking the clear bookmark button when I meant to create a bookmark - there was no confirmation prompt at all - they were all just gone :(

So, my first half of my wish is to remove this dangerous button from the toolbar and replace it with two new buttons of "Previous Bookmark and Next Bookmark". These buttons would also compliment the blue previous and next code edit buttons to the right in the above image.

Yes, you could also simply add a "clear bookmarks?" confirmation prompt when this button is clicked on, but the second half of my wish (to add the next and prev bookmarks buttons to the toolbar) would be very helpful too.

Maybe you could move the "Clear Bookmarks" function to the "Edit" menu right above the "Clear All Breakpoints" because the two offer a somewhat similar function (in addition to keeping this function in the right-click pop up menu).

Yeah, I could also use the shortcut keys to create a bookmark and do next/prev bookmark actions and stay away from the clear bookmarks toolbar button so I wont accidently click it. But your IDE is designed for two types of programmers, ones that like buttons to click on, and others that like using key shortcuts, otherwise your IDE wouldn't have both buttons and key shortcuts for many of the same functions. Since I fall under the "buttons" category, this wish would make things safer and productive for me.

I mean, you already have the "toggle bookmark" button on the toolbar, so why not add it's companion "next" and "prev" bookmarks buttons to it also?

Thanks for considering this wish.
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