Android Question Request: B4XPages project export link rewrite


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B4Xpages has been great, and 99% of my apps have been ported to B4XPages, and now every android app has its iOS version released at the same time.

However, I have a request to make, I wish the export link be rewritten to exclude a particular folder in the Main project directory when exporting. Currently, the export link compresses everything inside the project folder including my Assets folder which holds large files.

'Ctrl + click to export as zip: ide://run?File=%B4X%\Zipper.jar&

Here is how I structure my projects: Almost all my project even before B4XPages, I usually create a folder called ASSETS inside every project folder. This is where I keep
1. Demo videos
2. Graphics
3. Playstore Screenshots
4. Stable Releases Backups,
5 and any other related files to the particular project

So, I will be glad if the export link can ignore this my Assets folder. Thank you