B4A Library RichString library.

This library contains RichString and RichStringBuilder objects. These objects are analogous to the normal String and StringBuilder. However RichStrings can contain formatting information that controls how they are drawn when used as the text in a View.

This library also contains a RichStringFormatter object. This object, once suitably initialised, will efficiently format RichStrings passed to it. For long strings that require many changes of format this is much more efficient than using the individual RichString formatting commands.

EDIT :- Version 1.1 posted. See post #8 for details.

EDIT :- Version 1.2 posted including RichStringFormatter. See post #13 for details.

EDIT :- Version 1.3 posted. See post #15 for details.

EDIT :- Version 1.4 posted. See post #56 for details.

EDIT (by Erel) :- Version 1.5: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/richstring-library.10680/page-6#post-475477


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As I said, with the modifications I made, RichString now does everything I need so I can concentration on adding features to my app.