B4A Library RoundImage V1.0


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You might be aware about this, LoadBitmapSample also working perfectly...

img.Bitmap = ri.CreateBitmap(LoadBitmapSample(File.Dirinternal, Application.LabelName & "/" & uf,100%x,100%y))
Thanks for this brilliance!
Will try LoadBitmapSample also , see my edit 4 posts up.


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Hi @DonManfred, i used your library and it works almost perfectly but in some strange and unclear situations it crashes my app.

The code I use is:
FotoUtente.Bitmap=ImmagineCircolare.CreateBitmap(LoadBitmapSample(File.DirAssets, "nofotoprofilo.png", 90dip, 90dip))
The debugger says:
An error occurred:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Array not expected...

It crashes also if i use LoadBitmap instead of LoadBitmapSample.

(Sorry, I can't upload my project to test)

By the way if i use the following code everyting is going well:
FotoUtente.Bitmap=LoadBitmapSample(File.DirAssets, "nofotoprofilo.png", 90dip, 90dip)
So it seems the crash is caused by your Lib...

Any workaround or fix?

Thanks in advance!


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TRry to create a small project which shows the problem and upload the project. i will run it here to see what happens...