Android Code Snippet RoundSlider Min/Max Values

Hi guys,
I've just changed the XUI Views Library to have Min/Max Properties editable at runtime...
@Erel, please include (after correcting) in future versions of the library, thanks.

Public Sub setMax (v As Int)
    if v<0 then return
    mMax= max(mMin,v)
End Sub

Public Sub getMax As Int
    Return mMax
End Sub

Public Sub setMin (v As Int)
    if v<0 then return
    mMin= min(mMax,v)
End Sub

Public Sub getMin As Int
    Return mMin
End Sub


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yeah, should be modified in the included libs
anyway there's a workaround by loading the same class and rename it to RoundSlider1.
Then you have access to min/max values