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I needed a calculator on my Android device and ported my RPNCalc program from Basic4PPC to Basic4Android.
The result is below.
It's designed for any screen size.
RPN means Reverse Polish Notation.
RPN was used by almost all HP calculators.
At the beginning RPN seems strange but when used to it you wont have something else at least me.
Uses following libraries:
Phone (standard)
RichString (additional)

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards.

EDIT: 2012.11.25
Updated, works also on panels (withAutoScale).

EDIT: 2013.06.03
The program has become a CustomView Class and a Library. is the project with the Class, possible to compile into a Library a standalone calculator using the RPNCalc Library the two library files


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Gruetzi Klaus,

You may be glad knowing that your calculator looks on a 640 x 960 screen exactly like your 480/800 screen shot. Awesome program, I wish my maths were as superb as yours.

Attached an icon for RPNCalc. Please use or abuse.



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