Wish Run again (upload) without compile

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  1. janderkan

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    When my project is finished and I have to upload to 50 pieces off hardware, I would like to have an upload button so that I didn't have to wait to compile each time.
  2. Erel

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    Note that B4R creates regular Arduino projects. You can open the generated project with Arduino IDE and upload it to the boards.
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  3. janderkan

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    I found a better solution.

    Upload a project to your Wemos.
    On the Logs tab, look for the line 'Uploader...'
    The next line contains the command to upload the file from the command line.
    Copy the line.
    Quit B4R
    Open a command prompt.
    Paste the line and hit enter.

    Now you can upload to 50 pieces of hardware without waiting to compile each time.
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