Android Example Running B4A on a Mac - my experience

I hope this is the right sub topic to post this under. Didn't think it fitted anywhere else.
(Erel, is there a place for a General sub topic??)

I have recently written a blog post on my experience trying to get a reliable working B4A dev environment on my, admittedly high spec'd, Macbook Pro.

I hope this information is useful to someone else.

Welcome any other's comments if you've tried the same. Thought a straw poll might be interesting also to see if anyone else is doing something similar to what I am doing.

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Gary Milne

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I run B4A on a 27" iMac using VMWare. I use two physical Android devices for my testing over WiFi with B4A bridge.

Everything works very well and never had a spot of bother.

Ricardo Bunschoten

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I have a Imac early 2008 core2duo 2,4 ghz with 4 gig ram and 500 gb hdd.

OS - Yosemite

I don't use the emulator because i can test the programs on my phone or android box.

Can i also use paralel to run Windows 7 or 8 and b4a 5.02 ?. I use b4abrdige over wifi to or my phone or my android box