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Two 'problems' I encoutered with ScrollView:
1. The ScrollView in iOS is similar to ScrollView2D in Android. It would be intersting to have as the default Content Width property value the width of the ScrollView. I spent more than an hour to find out why the right column of object was not displayed because the default value is 100.
2. If we set ScrollView.Panel.Height in the code, after filling the ScrollView.Panel, with a value lower than the original Content Height value it has no effect !?
In the attached project, which is the portation of the SQLiteLight3 from Android the, originally in the layout file I set Content Height = 1000.
Running the project and clicking on Edit, it is possible to scroll eventhough the height was set to a lower value.
Setting Content Height = 100 in the Designer it is OK.
I haven't tested this with Content Width.

The attached project is in progress not a finished one !


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Allan Cameron

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Can you advise what is the best way to change the Scrollview Contents Width and Height according to the user's device--from iphone to Ipad as you can only have one set of values in the Designer? Thanks.
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