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Recently I have switch on SDK manager and I have got first tme a lot of wornings. The full list is below.
I got lost. What is wrong and what I have to do to improve it ?

Thank's in advance

Error: Warning: Could not create settings
sdkmanager [--uninstall] [<common args>] [--package_file=<file>] [<packages>...]
sdkmanager --update [<common args>]
sdkmanager --list [<common args>]
sdkmanager --licenses [<common args>]
sdkmanager --version

With --install (optional), installs or updates packages.
By default, the listed packages are installed or (if already installed)
updated to the latest version.
With --uninstall, uninstall the listed packages.

<package> is a sdk-style path (e.g. "build-tools;23.0.0" or
<package-file> is a text file where each line is a sdk-style path
of a package to install or uninstall.
Multiple --package_file arguments may be specified in combination
with explicit paths.

With --update, all installed packages are updated to the latest version.

With --list, all installed and available packages are printed out.

With --licenses, show and offer the option to accept licenses for all
available packages that have not already been accepted.

With --version, prints the current version of sdkmanager.

Common Arguments:
--sdk_root=<sdkRootPath>: Use the specified SDK root instead of the SDK
containing this tool

--channel=<channelId>: Include packages in channels up to <channelId>.
Common channels are:
0 (Stable), 1 (Beta), 2 (Dev), and 3 (Canary).

--include_obsolete: With --list, show obsolete packages in the
package listing. With --update, update obsolete
packages as well as non-obsolete.

--no_https: Force all connections to use http rather than https.

--proxy=<http | socks>: Connect via a proxy of the given type.

--proxy_host=<IP or DNS address>: IP or DNS address of the proxy to use.

--proxy_port=<port #>: Proxy port to connect to.

--verbose: Enable verbose output.

* If the env var REPO_OS_OVERRIDE is set to "windows",
"macosx", or "linux", packages will be downloaded for that OS.


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Thank you for paying attention to my post.
No. I have no errors during compilations. App is working well excluding one case:
- during instalation appears info that app is written for older Android verion an can work wrong.
I am ignoring this info and result is positiv. Ap iss working as expected.

On the other hand when I have started with B4A (2 years ago) after instalation I had no any errers with SDK Manager.
I have noticed SDK wornings after trying to clear all foults from log panel of B4A IDE. After cleaning all unused values, files etc. , two of them are still remaining:

- Plik 'autko4.jpg' nie jest używany. (warning #15)
(file 'autko4.jpg' is not used.
- Zalecana wartość dla android: targetSdkVersion wynosi 28 lub wyższa (edytor manifestów). (warning #31)
(Suggested value of targetSdkVersion for android is 28 or higher (manifest editor).

In first case I cannot find any file 'autko4.jpj' within Files catalogue and any other place in Designer.

In second case I have started with updateing SDK manager and then wornings from my first post have appeard.
Along suggestion I have changed target SDK version in manifest editor (recently I have 16) but then app starts to make foults.
I had to come back to SDK v16 , remove app and install it again to come back to the start point.

What SDK target version is suggested by you ?
I have noticed also similar problem ( in my opinion) here:

I am using from many , many years TotalCommander.
Do you think that I ca get wrong decompressing ?

Thank you for help and wishes of a nice day for everyone.
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- during instalation appears info that app is written for older Android verion an can work wrong.
You can usually safely ignore this as it is only a warning, not an error. It started with Android 10 (I think) and means that the target SDK of the app is earlier than that of the current Android version.

I would start again with a new SDK installation unzipped with 7-Zip. I have no idea whether Total Commander suffers the same problem as Windows built-in decompresseor. SDK Manager will work on a correctly installed SDK but should not be necessary for almost everybody.

For apps not for the Play Store I use a target SDK of 28, later ones limit file access to the internal memory. For Play Store apps you have no choice but to use SDK 30, soon to be 31.

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I have done reinstalation of SDK unzipped by 7zip but with no result. The same wornings. Compilation is OK.
Just to let you know.
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One problem (not clearly pointed by me) is solved. After addind suggested line to manifest editor targetSdkVersion 28 is working.
Thank you
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