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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Guardian17, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Guardian17

    Guardian17 Active Member Licensed User

    I assume that the difference between "Watch this thread" and "receive email notifications" is that for "Watch this thread" I can pull up any threads that I have indicated that I want to Watch (while I'm on this site), and "receive email notifications" will send me an email when there is any activity on a particular thread.

    I see that there is a "Watched Forums" and "Watched Threads" on the top bar of this website. The only threads I ever get notifications from are the ones where I create the thread or have replied to a thread.

    Is there a way, when going through the "Questions" section of this site to place a marker to "watch this thread" so that I get an e-mail when any activity occurs on that thread?
  2. Guardian17

    Guardian17 Active Member Licensed User

    Never mind!! Sorry. I had looked [nearly] all over to find this answer. Immediately after asking this question, I realized that each thread has a small "Watch Thread" "button" to click on at the top of the page. Sorry for not seeing it sooner.
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