Android Question Send an alert to a database and play a sound in the house


Hello everyone, these days I had an emergency and I couldn't contact people, from here I got an idea that could be interesting. Is it possible to create an application (even a very basic one) that sends a warning to a database via a click which, receiving this warning, makes a sound emit to a stereo system in the house, so as to warn that there is a problem? I'm talking about databases but if you have other ideas please write as well. Another thing, if this is not possible, can you send an alert / sms to all people with this application installed on your mobile, or to fixed predefined numbers?. Thanks guys, sorry for the question perhaps a bit strange. :D

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Hello @Wkm01pro,
If you really want to create an app so that when you press a button on your phone other people/family members will get a message that you may need help, then you should look into one of two solutions, well I would look into using these anyway.

Search the forum for the following, these are just 2 ways to send instant messages via the internet to other devices.

  1. MQTT
  2. Firebase messaging
If I was going to create an app that does exactly what you mentioned in your post, I would start with looking at the above 2 solutions.

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