B4A Library SendInput - Emulate user input within your app

SendInput Library v0.2

* v0.2 31/03/2014
Added: SwipeParams - Now allowing the delay between each swipe pulse to be increased or decreased.
Moved: 'Step' parameter from SendSwipe to SwipeParams

This library allows you to emulate user input within the application. You can send key codes, a string of keys, a single touch tap, and swipe actions.

To begin using the library you simply define a variable:
Sub Globals
    ' define a variable for the SendInput library
    Dim si As SendInput
End Sub

That's all. The following commands can now be used to send/emulate user input:

' Send a single keycode

' Send a string of keys

' Send a touch tap to absolute coordinate 300,200

' Send a swipe action from absolute coordinates 60,70 to 200,300
si.SendSwipe(60,70 , 200,300)

' Change the swipe parameters.
' Here, the steps between each swipe point are set to 50 and the
' delay between each swipe point to 25ms.
' NOTE: It may be necessary to increase the delay for older devices in order
' to allow time for the system to pick up each swipe point.

The download link (below) includes a demo to test out the library.


Download the library from here - DOWNLOAD
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Unfortunately the link has expired again. Does Jim or anyone else happen to have an alternate location?

Thanks very much!