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    Firstly, i want to apologise for this thread but i am completely comfused.
    All these 4 years i develop apps without server sql databases and i am completely new to this one. I did a lot of search (about 3 days) at forum about creating a server sql database that connects to android-ios devices and i think that's why i got confused.

    My steps till now:
    I achieved this get working. So i went to next step, here combination with this thread, server is running normally and i can reach it, but i get stack here:

    I did downloaded this:
    and i got the config.properties from jRDC2 example but i don't know where to put jdbc_driver folder with jtds-1.3.1.jar file (that i did download from upper link) and config.properties.

    My next step was to try Web Apps Overview with sql server example, but i couldn't achieved to get that running, because i don't know how to edit sql database.

    What exactly is server sql database? a file like sqlite .db?

    Where is this file location? JdbcUrl=jdbc:mysql://localhost/test?characterEncoding=utf8

    Please show me the right way to create a server sql database in order to GET and POST data because i am completely comfused. :(

    All these questions answered with this:
    Install XAMPP, start a server and everything working FINE!
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