Java Question Setup environment to extend B4A libraries


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Hi everyone,

I'm actually attempting to extend BLE2Peripheral lib of B4A.
I Started by forking the github repo here: and imported the project in eclipse Neon.
I downloaded the Android SDK from his update site but it looks like that's not enough to satisfy the android.* dependencies.

Since the repo does not contains any pointer to the correct dependecies I spent a few hours browsing but I couldn't find anything, can someone address me to some documentation describing how to setup the environment?

Maybe it can be usefult to know that I'm using: jre1.8.0_201 and jdk1.8.0_131


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Please post the error message.
Hi, I get the classic message: The import <importname> cannot be resolved
I know that my problems are related to missing or incorrect dependencies version.

For instance I am using jxl 2.6 and in class WorkbookWrapper it tells me that a method is missing for a jxl class


So my question is still the same, is theresomeone that can address me to all dependencies (versions included) that I need to correctly setup the evironment?