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hello everyone, i am new here in B4X in general and i chose to start with B4A,

i want to ask a question and this question have three parts, 1 - if i have 3 panels in one screen or page, in the first panel i want the user to browse and pick a video & this video works frequently and doesn't stop until the user define a time to stop it, any idea?

part 2, in panel 2 i want the user to pick an image to show it for a period of time from his choice & after that period finish another pic shows again also from his choice
and so on, any idea?

part 3, in panel 3 i want to make a schedule divided into multiple columns and allow the user to input text in those columns and shows it in the screen, any idea?

thanks for all


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Hi Elfatih - welcome to the world of B4X. A few of pieces of advice:

1) When you're posting in the forum, make the thread title relevant to the question you're asking (eg: "Showing videos/images in multiple panels").

2) Try using the forum search to get some ideas before you post questions, then write some code based on what you find out. If you are having issues with the code you've written then post the code, a description of the issue(s) you're having & any error messages you're seeing & hopefully someone will be able to help you.

3) If you haven't done so already I recommend you read the Beginner's Guide & the other documentation here ->

Try searching the forum for things like "Showing videos", "Put image on panel" & other phrases that describe what you're trying to do - I'm pretty sure you'll find something to help you.

- Colin.
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