Share My Creation Simple Math!


1.5 weeks ago i made a simple multiplication table for my son to improve his math skills.
he liked it but he wanted me to make it for android so i can install it on his phone (yes he is 8 and he already has a phone :()
it was not to hard because i wrote it already for all platforms BUT when i wanted to install it i said to myself let put one more feature and another one and another one and i ended with a full application.

What is special in this simple app?

- NO ADS!!! (i will not add it in the future, i made it for kids to learn math)
- LOGS (the app stores logs for every game, like this you can see which questions your kid answered wrong and help him get better)

i see already some stuff i want to update. the app actually took me about 2-3 days (a few hours/day but google took more than 1 week to approve the app)
so have a look at it and tell me what you think :)