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Hi friends,
i need to have a single row calendar in my app. But couldnt find anything about this for b4a in this forum and google.
May you help me

Alexander Stolte

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I happen to be working on a view like this at the moment. But when it is finished, it will not be available for free, because it took a lot of time and knowledge.
This is my current development status:


currently i'm working on folding out, like in the outlook app.

but you can also use the view completely in the folded state or in the unfolded state.


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Best Thanks Dear Erel
this is what i need to.

is it possible to make some changes like screenshot below?

and also may to convert to 'shamsi' date?
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is it possible to make some changes like screenshot below?
I added the year to the calendar as well as the full date when a date is clicked, highlight the month day and a few other minor things. I also added a button to take you back to today’s date.
Regarding the ‘Go To Today’ button. When you click it, it will jump to today’s date and show today’s full date, but, you have to click a second time on the button to highlight the border around it. That is not kosher. Perhaps, Erel could help us fix that and find where I fell short. If you improve on it, please post it.