1. DonManfred

    B4J Library GoogleCalendar - GCal4J

    GCal4J <link>...|</link> Author: DonManfred Version: 0.26 Calendar Functions: IsInitialized As Boolean Properties: CalendarList As [read only] Calendars As [read...
  2. MegatenFreak

    B4J Library Persian Date Picker View (Independent from B4XView)

    Hi everybody. This is a Persian date picker I wrote. It doesn't use B4XView and has no special requirements. Displaying the date picker pop-up is done with code. It works as a ResumableSub. To use it: 1. simply add "PerPicker.bas" to your project; 2. Provide its main function with a parent node...
  3. JordiCP

    Android Question Calendars: need some advice

    I've never worked with calendars from a programmer's point of view up to now, so it all sounds quite new to me. After exploring a bit in the forum, I see (may have missed others) the Calendar2 library and also @DonManfred's Tutorial. Both seem right tools for calendar management. But before...
  4. DonManfred

    Android Tutorial Working with Calendars using ContentResolver (Query, Insert, Update, Delete)

    Hello, i´m playing around with the Calendars on my Device and want to Query them. I found out how it works using ContentResolver querying the ContentProvider available in Android. You can find it documented here. I started using java code and a java-librarywrapper for this but then i realized...
  5. alimanam3386

    B4i Library iAmir_Calendar

    iAmir_Calendar Easy way to Convert date into each other with iAmir_Calendar. Locales and Calendars Most locales use the most widely used civil calendar, called the Gregorian calendar(gregorian), but there remain exceptions to this trend. For example: In Saudi Arabia, some locales use...
  6. J

    Android Question Calendar

    Hello, I am new to this wonderful world of B4X, specifically B4A. Which I think is very interesting and the price is affordable (thanks for the early February discount). I had just finished MyFirstProgram and SecondProgram tutorial and also watch a video tutorial for beginners. Now I am...