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Sleeping Diary - recognition of language in offline text, creation of automatically ordered records.


A simple diary or, if you like, voice notes. This version is for EN language only.

Initially, it was planned to create a diary.

I needed two things:

1. Independence from the Internet

2. Do not load the user with cataloging and recording. "He said - and forgot."

Method of operation:

1. Dictate your note "Dictate"

2. After pressing the "Stop" button, recognition begins (it is very funny to observe in the window of intermediate results)

3. The result appears in the Result window and the note is automatically saved

Notes are stored in the Diary_filesEN folder in regular text files. You can copy and edit them in any convenient editor. Editing is not provided in the program.

File Structure:

Files are named according to the creation dates. For example: 2022-04-02.TXT

All that is recorded within one date is recorded in one file!

When a new date occurs, the following file is automatically created. For example 2022-04-03.TXT

File Contents:

2022-04-02 14:17 text of the note......................................

2022-04-02 15:26 text of the note......................................

and so on.

Deleting an application does not delete the Diary_filesEN folder.

Link file is too large for b4a forum


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Nice. A small suggestion is as speech recognition is not 100% accurate, seems editing the note in the app is a must to have.