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Smart clipboard is made from my personal experience. having multiple apps on my Phone.
one for this. Another for that, another for that. With that i mind i thought.
Why not make it easy Combine multiple apps into one.
So i made Smart Clipboard.

7 Apps in one.

Simple notepad
Quick copy chat(Store often used text for easy use in chat apps)
Task manager
Shopping list
Bookmarks manager
Store your favorite place or type in address and start navigation
Keep track what u have in your home
Fridge / Freezer / Pantry / Home

Multi-language support
5 Color themes


Playstore Demo Version

Playstore Full version
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Yes writtin with B4A version 9.90. did not upgrade 10.7 yet. This is my first real release off an Android app. have made a few other apps with B4A, but those are work releated and not interesting for Playstore