Android Question SMS <startingIntent.Action = "android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED"> don't work in B4XPages

Diego Marcelo Croatto

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Hi to all.... I'm trying to catch a SMS incomming message in a B4XPages project but the "startingIntent.Action" event never happen.
But!.... if I make a default project with the same code... the same manifest permissions.... it work find!... What am I doing wrong?

Thank's for the help or example code....

    <action android:name="android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED" />

s1 Code:
#Region  Service Attributes
    #StartAtBoot: False
#End Region

'Service module
Sub Process_Globals
    Type Message (Address As String, Body As String)
End Sub

Sub Service_Create

End Sub

Sub Service_Start(startingIntent As Intent)
    If startingIntent.Action = "android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED" Then   '<----- In B4XPages project never run!... but in Default project yes!
        Dim messages() As Message
        messages = ParseSmsIntent(startingIntent)
        For i = 0 To messages.Length - 1
    End If
End Sub

Sub Service_Destroy
End Sub

'Parses an SMS intent and returns an array of messages
Sub ParseSmsIntent (in As Intent) As Message()
    Dim messages() As Message
    If in.HasExtra("pdus") = False Then Return messages
    Dim pdus() As Object
    Dim r As Reflector
    pdus = in.GetExtra("pdus")
    If pdus.Length > 0 Then
        Dim messages(pdus.Length) As Message
        For i = 0 To pdus.Length - 1
            r.Target = r.RunStaticMethod("android.telephony.SmsMessage", "createFromPdu", _
            Array As Object(pdus(i)), Array As String("[B"))
            messages(i).Body = r.RunMethod("getMessageBody")
            messages(i).Address = r.RunMethod("getOriginatingAddress")
            If messages(i).Address = Main.blkNum Then
            End If
    End If
    Return messages
End Sub

Sub SendMessage
    Log("Don Got Here")
    Dim PhoneNumber As String = Main.blkNum
    Dim SMS As PhoneSms
    Dim Message As String = "The SMS Message to recipient Above Could not be Delivered.. Please Try again later.. "
End Sub

B4XMainPage Initialize sub: