Android Question SoftKeyboard/IME_HeightChanged Problem


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I have a customlistview that takes up most of the screen. I have a couple of buttons that I want to always be visible. The problem is this:
The KeyBoard Pushes the listview ONLY if the EditText in the list is low enough on the screen to warrant being pushed. IF it does push it also pushes my buttons off the screen as well.

If I try to use IME_HeightChanged then I have to push the listview myself but I have no idea where the relevant EditText is on the screen since it is in a listview. If I just push, I could wind up pushing the relevant edit text up out of sight!

Ideally there would be a HeightChanged event that did NOT override Android. Then I could just let Android push the listview and move the buttons I want to move myself. Probably though, I am going to need a way to determine where on the screen the Edittext I am editing IS and move the listview appropriately.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.