Android Question (Solved)App running twice?


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I have a situation where my app seems to run twice, which isn't possible.
The app is started, then paused and after that using a click on a specific file (which is registered to my app) in the file-explorer my app is "started" again.
When looking at processes run (long click on home-button) the screen of my app is shown twice. That lets assume, the app is running twice, however the associated icon is different. One is from my app the other from the file-explorer.
When trying to select to process with the explorer-icon, initially my app is coming up, but when hitting the Back-button, the explorer is coming up.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong in handling the Intent?
Code at end of my Activity_create
'Handling of the Intents (ala CommandString)
   If Activity.GetStartingIntent = StartingIntent Then
     'intent already handled
     StartingIntent = Activity.GetStartingIntent
     'Handling the new Intent
     Dim lNewGameFile As String
     If Not (lNewGameFile="null") Then
       Dim lPath As String
       Dim lFileName As String
       Dim lStringParts As List
       lStringParts=sf.Split( lNewGameFile,"/" )
       lPath=sf.Left(lNewGameFile, lNewGameFile.Length-lFileName.Length-1)
         If sf.FileExist(lNewGameFile) Then
           Dim NewGameString As String = File.GetText(lPath,lFileName)
           NewGameState_read(NewGameString)'Reads in a new GameState from a String
         End If
     End If
   End If