B4J Question [Solved] [BANano3D] [BANanoPostProcessor] lib 0.04 not found


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I'm just working my way into the wonderful world of BANano and came across @Mashiane 's promising demo"BANano3D".

After working through all the requirements, the only thing missing is the lib "BANanoPostProcessor" in version 0.04.

The attachment offered by @Kiffi contains only version 0.01


What needs to be done now to get the lib?
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Sorry I have not maintained this "exploration" in a very long time and thus it never materialized into a fully blown library.

Anyway, I have included the BP needed (its Kiffi's project that I revised to suit my needs) as part of this on the repo. I will make time and clean it out from this lib as its no longer needed due to BANano enhancements.

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