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Hi All,
I've wasted lot of time trying to find a workable tool to covert a larger than the original database edited Excel worksheet csv file into a db file for my SQLite project. I've tried Klaus's tool at but it's too advanced for me to use. I've tried the fishcode tool suggested by Rboeck at and I didn't succeed there either. I've tried the google solution from I simply want to convert my edited Excel csv file>.db by renaming the existing db file and replacing it in my project files folder. What can I do? Thanks
P.S. my project compiles fine and here it is.

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5. The Table class in your project is version 2.19.
The latest version in the forum is 3.26 !? ***I don't know anything about a Table class. I would have to research it and find that different version. I'll start by seeing what info I can get in the libraries manager.
Do not confuse Tables in a database and the Table object you are using.
I your project, you have a module called Table.bas which is a CustomView Class, I was speaking about this one.
You find in in this thread: Flexible Table.
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