Android Question [solved] Google Maps MapType


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This is a weird one, I have two separate apps that use Google Maps.
Both work OK except on one I cannot render the map in any mode but MAP_TYPE_NORMAL!

I have a button that opens a panel with labels on to allow the user to choose the map type.
Label click (which is fired) code below:

Sub lblSatellite_Click
    gMap.MapType = gMap.MAP_TYPE_SATELLITE
End Sub
When clicked the map changes leaving my map markers showing on a blank (grey) back ground.
I use exactly the same code in another app which works perfectly.

Any ideas?



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Are you sure that in the second App you ar not seeing a map from the cache and when you switch to the other Map Type it fails to download it ? In this case should be an API_KEY error


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Thanks Marcick, There was nothing in the logs to indicate any errors but you did point in the right direction.
One of the apps had an old API key, updated to the latest and all good now, many thanks for your help.