Wish [SOLVED] Integrate InitializeAcceptAll into internal HttpUtils2 library


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UPDATE: i did change HttpUtils2Service, it's seems to work, You should test anyway
I attach my OkHttpUtils2 (vers 2.83) in this post
Put it in the internal folder, replacing the old one (but remember to mantain this code with any new installation of B4A)

In HttpUtils2Service,bas i added
Public AcceptAllSSLCertificates As Boolean = False
And in Service_Create I changed the folowing
Select AcceptAllSSLCertificates
        Case False
        Case True
 End Select

Then whenever you need to send a request, just befor this line set in code
HttpUtils2Service.AcceptAllSSLCertificates = True

So the old code below will be..

This is a common error regarding using self signed certification on my NAS.
I was trying to execute the following code
Dim Job As HttpJob 
Job.Initialize("", Me)'
Job.Username =""
HttpUtils2Service.AcceptAllSSLCertificates=True 'addition here
Wait For (Job) JobDone(Job As HttpJob)
If Job.Success Then
            Log($"Dwnl success ${Job.GetString}"$)
            Log($"Err down ${Job.ErrorMessage}"$)
 End If
The solution is to edit the source code found here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-okhttputils2-ihttputils2-httputils2-source-code.82632/ (vers 2.70 - internal one 2.82) and integrate "InitializeAcceptAll" as instructed here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...-using-self-signed-openssl.76268/#post-483974

This is a wish (not because I am lazzy) but because the internal version is newer (and always will be)
I could modify by myself, then compile into library and replace, but this will be a repetitive task with each new release.

Sugestion, please @Erel /another staff member, put a new method in this module, keep "Initialize" and put "Initialize2" whatever to support self signed certificates.



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doesn't get updated very often
Indeed, but then again, I will need to mantain the modiffication again and again. That's why is a wish, maybe you decide to update this lib accordingly next time (with this wish).
Or at least, let me do the modiffication as needed (not only by me if you's search in the forum) I'll send you the file, and you'll publish next time with the added moddification. In this way (often or not) this lib will remain maintained.
I apreciate an onest and direct answer. I will argue no more after that. Thanks for your time.


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I think it's a very reasonable wish; it may seem that only adding an Iniatilize2 method that covers InitializeAcceptAll will work for self signed certificates scenarios and will keep syncronized the code's app with the library version (not with the source class code)
There're a lot of questions on Forum regarding http problems on Self Signed Certificates communications ...(https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/pages/results/?query=initializeAcceptall&page=1)


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note pleas, if you wish to use OkHttpUtils with/or without selfsigned certificates, you should download my mod from first post (2.83), I don;t know why Erel will not include this in the next release, it won't affect any previouse writen code.